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Pie?aujamais kop?jais svars: 39000kg, Disc brake, Ra?ot?js Schmitz Cargobull, Koka gr?da, Loading area (L W H): 13.620 mm x 2.480 mm x 2.800 mmRiepu izm?rs: 385/65 R22.5, Punched load securing side rave, Loading area volume: 94 m³, 1st axle: Protektora dzi?ums: 6 mm / 5 mm, 2. ass: Protektora dzi?ums: 8 mm / 9 mm, 3. ass: Protektora dzi?ums: 13 mm / 10 mm, Pneimatisk? piekare, Automa??nas apak?pusi aizsardz?ba, Toolbox, Rezerves rite?a tur?t?js (2x), Ferry ???? ????????? ?? ?????, ?asija ir pieskr?v?ta, Sliding roof, Bremze savienota ar fini??t?ju, 2x7 pin savienot?js, Antispray, Pacel?anas jumts (hidrauliskais), Stabdži? disk? likutis - 41/41/41 mm Stabdži? kalad?li? likutis - 50/50/50 %, With our Value Added Services we can offer:\\- TrailerPlus warranty for used trailer\\- individual financing solutions\\- full service contracts and telematic-services\\- provision of export registration plates /customs plates\\- organisation of export documents\\- vehicle preparation, new curtains, spare parts\\- delivery of your vehicle on the road or by sea\\Ask your CTS advisor for your individual, suitable offer. We would be glad to advise you personally!\\
Info number for requests: 5440559
\\Please find an overview of all vehicles available on our website

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